I am always seeking students to expand my private clarinet studio in Maryland. I have experience teaching at all levels, from beginners to college students. I work to find the lesson structure that works for each individual student, and I am willing to travel for lessons! My goal as a teacher is to help my students learn how to play, how to practice, and how to manage their time efficiently. I seek to help my students become the most well-rounded and flexible musicians they can be. 


I am also available for master classes and/or chamber music coaching. I am excited to share my passion for teaching and performing with the clarinet community of the DMV area! 

Send me a message for fees and more information!

Olivia is one of the strongest “basics” teachers that I have worked with through the years at ASU. She knows how to get a student to have a great sound, great intonation and correct articulation. This is not to say that she is not creative!  She is very creative in her musical thoughts as well. That being said, there are very few people who can teach basic clarinet skills, and this is a real talent. I recommend her very highly to anyone who wants to advance on their clarinet skills at any level.


As an aside, she is one of two people over the past 30 years that we have hired as a TA for 4 years. That shows the faith we have in her.


Robert Spring, DMA

Professor of Music, Arizona State University

I have been playing music for my whole life, but always switched instruments and never took the time to master one. However, when I moved back to Phoenix a few months ago, I decided I was going to pursue the clarinet. I knew I had to get some direction though, and I'm super picky about who I take lessons from, so I emailed the clarinet professor at Arizona State University. He quickly responded to me with Olivia's name and contact info, so I reached out immediately, excited to get started. After just one lesson, I completely understood why she was his first and only pick! Olivia is such a phenomenal teacher; she is patient, informative, flexible, experienced, and really pushed me to be my absolute best. In just a few lessons I saw/heard noticeable improvement in my tone, control, and even technique way faster than I thought I would thanks to such helpful exercises and tips! Not only did I become a better player, but I've learned so much about the instrument in general. Every lesson was more exciting than the last! And that's all thanks to such a great teacher!

Caleb Messner, student 2015-2017

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